After crossing the retirement age, people need different life options – options that don’t compel them to stay obligated to a location or an occupation. After spending years working, retirees deserve this type of freedom, and that’s precisely what Saint Lucia offers. Saint Lucia is one of the most highly-reputed countries in the Caribbean region. In addition to allowing citizens to obtain secondary passports, this stunning island also offers amazing investment options. Similar programs in neighboring countries like Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, etc., have already been heavily explored by people from Russia, the United States, China, etc. Saint Lucia, however, is still ‘untouched’ and relatively unexplored. Hence, the sense of adventure that many people lose after crossing a certain age can be easily regained by exploring this country’s exciting citizenship by investment (CBI) options.

What is CBI?

The St. Lucian government runs CBI programs in the country. They’re created to deepen the country’s investment capital pool. While CBI programs are very common in most small-scale island-states, what makes CBI options in Saint Lucia special is that this country, despite having a population of less than 200,000, has a GDP of over $2 billion. Saint Lucia’s ever-growing economy is its strength. Even though the country isn’t that popular, it’s still a top economic performer in the Caribbean region. Hence, investors get to become part of a country that’s constantly growing. When it comes to island-nations, the volcanic paradise of St. Lucia should be on everyone’s radar as a great place to move to.

A Cost-Effective Option

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made the lives of retirees extremely difficult. But, even during these trying times, the Saint Lucian CBI options have remained extremely attractive. The country’s passport program has always been extremely affordable. Recent discounts due to the pandemic have made the option of moving to St. Lucia even more attractive. For just $100,000 (additional fees may apply), CBI applicants get official citizenship on this island. Official citizenship gives applicants access to more than 145 countries (visa-free). Their Saint Lucian passports last for lifetimes, and they don’t have to give up their older passports.

An Amazing Place to Stay

Aside from all the technical benefits, what makes St. Lucia extremely attractive for older citizens is the island’s quality of life. Citizenship requests go through stringent scrutiny so no random person can settle on this tiny island-state. It attracts freedom-loving people from across the world and as there are no taxes on income from abroad or wealth taxes.