Today's ibotta app review is pretty short.  This is because the process of ibotta is just as simple.  As I write this review I keep scrolling through the ibotta app trying to find more to talk about.  This is why I was deeply impressed with the overall process of getting the discount on my account.

Today I want to give you my honest ibotta app review. We’ll look at the application together to see if it’s worth the time spent on the money ibotta gives you back.

Today’s ibotta app review is pretty short because ibotta’s process is just as simple. As I write this review, I keep scrolling through the ibotta app to find more to talk about. Simplicity is why I was deeply impressed with the overall process of getting the discount on my bill.

The question is, “Was it worth my time?”

Spoiler alert! Yes, it is well worth the time. Here’s why.

Who is ibotta (I bought a…)?

First, let’s start with a quick overview of who ibotta is.

Ibotta is a startup based in Denver, Colorado that specializes in refunding money for purchases you make at certain stores. They have over 300 stores to choose from, including Amazon, Uber, Target, Kroger, etc.

Ibotta makes their money with affiliate income from the stores they work with. For example, a consumer goes to a store to purchase an item and redeems the discount within the ibotta app. That store then credits ibotta for pointing the consumer to them. Ibotta also makes some money from the small tasks you have to complete before adding a discount (more on that below).

Here’s how that works. A consumer goes to a store to purchase an item and redeems the discount in the ibotta app. That store then credits ibotta for pointing the consumer to them. Ibotta also makes some money from the small tasks you have to complete before adding a discount (more on that below).

Ibotta also makes some money from the small tasks you have to complete before adding a discount (more on that below).

How does the app work?

Within the ibotta app you will want to add discounts from your favorite stores. In the ‘Find discounts’ section, click the plus sign next to items that interest you.

Every time you add a discount, you have to perform a concise task. So far, I’ve only seen single-question surveys. I’m not sure if there are other tasks, although I’ve heard there are videos you should watch. Until now, these tasks have been simple.

There are three different ways to get a refund through the ibotta app:

By returning a receipt to ibotta. You can link a loyalty card of your favorite stores. You can make mobile in-app purchases.

My favorites are the last two methods because they essentially require no work. However, we will go through all three ways for this ibotta app review.

ibotta app review

On receipt

The process was quite simple as it only consisted of four main steps:

1. Find discounts

You’ll want to jump into the ibotta app to search for discounts here. I love going to the “Search for Discounts” section where I can see my favorite stores that I’ve bookmarked. As soon as I get a . selected

store, I started looking for discounts that applied to what I needed.

2. Go shopping

After the discounts are locked and loaded, it’s time to go shopping! Don’t forget to visit the store before the discount expires.

3. Redeem

Once you get back from the store, it’s time to jump back to the ibotta application. Here you will want to select the ‘Redeem’ button to take a picture of the receipt and barcode of the product you purchased.

4. Receive cash

They promise to get your discount within 48 hours. Mine was brought to me within an hour. I was impressed with how quickly I received my money!

Linking a loyalty card

This is my favorite method of getting discounts through the ibotta app. Here you just need to link a loyalty card to your favorite stores, for me King Soopers.

Here’s what you need to do to set it up:

1. Link loyalty card – Link your loyalty card from your favorite stores (in the ibotta network) to your ibotta account. You can use your customer card number or phone number.

How cool is that?!?!

2. Find discounts – As with the ‘By Receipt’ method, go to the ibotta app to search for discounts and add the discounts you want.

3. Go Shopping – During checkout, go to the store you are linked to, use your loyalty card or phone number. Since ibotta can see that transaction through your loyalty card, they do the rest.

4. Receive Cash – You should see the discount deposited into your account within 48 hours.

Mobile in-app purchases

1. Find Discounts – Before heading to any of the mobile shopping apps ibotta partners with, find the right discount for what you need.

2. Launch App – In the ibotta app, open the mobile shopping app such as Amazon.

3. Shop – Find the product you want and make sure it’s eligible for the discount!

4. Receive Cash – Ibotta will confirm that the discount is pending. You should see the refund on your account within 48 hours.

Get your cashback

When I first started researching for this ibotta app review, I thought to myself, “It won’t be that easy to get the discount back.” Instead, I found from past experience that most companies let you go through so many loopholes just to get paid.

To my surprise, getting the discount back was super efficient. It wasn’t even 60 minutes later when I received my money into my ibotta account.

There are many options for withdrawing and using this money. They give you the option to deposit into your PayPal or Venmo account. There are also opportunities to buy gift cards!

Unfortunately, there is one loophole that you have to jump through. There is a $20 minimum before you can withdraw your discount money.

But hey! This ibotta app review can’t all be positive news!

That’s better than the $100 minimum that the Stock Photography sites I participate in have.

ibotta app review

Other useful tips

When I first launched the ibotta app for this review, it asked me to find my favorite stores. Don’t skip this step, I like that my favorite stores are easy to find at the top of the ‘Search for discounts’ section. On the Featured page, this will automatically pull every featured item from your favorite stores to the shelter, making it easier to find more great stuff.

Second, a teamwork feature lets you connect with friends through Facebook. With this program you can earn money quickly. I haven’t tried this feature yet, but ibotta claims, “The bigger your team, the faster and easier it is to earn Teamwork bonuses.”

Finally, check out the ‘Bonuses’ page under your ‘Account’ page. Here are some more direct discounts from companies. For example, you can find something special for yourself.

ibotta app review

my last thoughts

So, now that we’ve covered all the key elements, let’s take one last look at this ibotta app review.

I like the app and concept on the store front. Ibotta has nailed the process to a science that provides a smooth experience. Since everything runs like a well-oiled machine, I don’t see this company slowing down at all.

I’m not sure if my shopping methods work well for ibotta or coupons. My personal belief is that I don’t have to go shopping just because I have a coupon. My wife and I create a menu for the coming week based on recipes that we enjoy very much. Then we check whether there are vouchers for those recipes. Usually there are not many.

Maybe we should change our menus to revolve around the coupons instead.

How do you deal with discount coupons? Have you tried honey yet?

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