In every surgery, post-care is the crucial part. This will tell you about whether the surgery was successful or not. There are many things to consider after a nose surgery because it will take to heal. If the healing part is messy, then there will be consequences. Hence it is necessary that post-care treatment is kept under surveillance by the patient. There are certain steps that the patient should undergo before reaching the actual healing process. Taking care of the health is very crucial during this period of time to get the final and the best result.

Understanding the Different Sensation of the Nose

The time for healing the nose surgery will require some extra time management. This will include regularly checking up with the doctor. In the first six weeks, there will be abnormal sensations and pain in the area of surgery. It is very normal, but if it extends, then immediate doctor recommendation is needful. Rather than googling something, it is very important to consult a doctor.

  • While sleeping, it is necessary that you see your head elevating high to reduce the pain and swelling
  • Using cold compression may after the surgery will numb the immediate pain

Maintaining a Healthy Diet is Necessary

After any surgery, all the body parts become weak; hence eating healthy food is recommended. For any surgeon, it is crucial that you recover fast. So a healthy lifestyle will help you to recover fast. Keeping a balanced diet will not only provide strength to the body but make the nose bone strong. A good amount of vitamin C is necessary to rebuild that tissue of yours. Getting the proper amount of nutrition and protein will eventually make the Nose Surgery after Care [หลัง เสริม จมูก which is the term in Thai] successful. Hence maintaining an overall diet will make you energized and fit.


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