Sunglasses are one of the most popular fashion accessories in the world. As a retailer then, carrying a wide selection of stylish and affordable sunglasses can be a major boost to sales and profit margins. According to the good folk at Olympic Eyewear though, choosing the right wholesale sunglasses supplier is absolutely crucial. You need a supplier that provides high-quality products at competitive prices, and has good customer service and reliable order fulfillment to boot.

Do Your Research

The first thing to do is thoroughly research potential suppliers. Look through industry directories, attend trade shows, and network with other retailers to create a list of wholesalers to consider. Find out about each company’s history, capabilities, and reputation. How long have they been in business? What brands do they carry? Do other retailers speak highly of them? Narrow the list down to suppliers that seem reputable, established, and able to meet your specific needs.

Evaluate the Product Selection

Carefully study each wholesaler’s product lineup. Do they offer a diverse range of styles and brands to choose from? Make sure they carry all the product categories you want – men’s, women’s, unisex, sports, luxury brands, etc. Also consider the choice within each category. For example, does their women’s collection include chic oversized frames, retro cat-eye shapes, and sporty wrap-around styles? The wider the selection, the more choice you have for tailoring your inventory.

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Examine Product Quality

Don’t just look at images of the sunglasses – request product samples that you can inspect firsthand. Check that the frames feel sturdy and well-constructed and make sure the hinges move smoothly. Are the lenses clear and free of distortions? Do they offer full UV protection? Be sure that any embellishments like rhinestones or metallic accents are securely attached. Judging quality helps ensure the products will satisfy your customers.

Compare Pricing

Price should always be a factor when choosing a wholesale supplier. Request complete price lists from each wholesaler and compare. Adjust your analysis based on order volume – larger orders should receive better bulk discounts. Also consider payment terms. A supplier who offers extended payment terms gives you more flexibility. Make sure their minimum order quantities and shipping costs fit your budget too.

Evaluate Order Fulfillment

Find out each company’s order processing time and shipping options. Can they ship complete orders within 24-48 hours? Do they offer discounted or free shipping on large orders? Make sure they have streamlined ordering processes and top-notch customer service. You need a supplier who can deliver orders accurately and on time, with hassle-free corrections if needed.

Check References

Don’t just take a company’s word about their great service – ask for references. Reach out to other retailers who order from them. Ask if orders arrive complete and on schedule. How helpful is their customer service? How quickly do they resolve problems? Candid feedback from fellow customers provides unique insights you can’t glean elsewhere.

Assess Customer Support

Speaking of customer service, thoroughly assess what each supplier offers. Do they have rep teams available to answer questions and offer guidance? How knowledgeable are their sales reps about products and order specifics? Test response times by calling their support line with questions.

Go Hands-On at Trade Shows 

Attending industry trade shows lets you meet supplier reps face-to-face and see products firsthand before ordering. Talk to reps about their offerings and company benefits. Check out the booth displays and test products. Order a few samples on the spot if possible.


Taking the time to find the perfect sunglasses partner helps ensure your inventory meets your expectations and your customers’ demands. Choose wisely and your supplier relationship can boost your sunglass sales for years to come.