If you are thinking about buying one an iPhone such as iPhone 12 Pro Max, or want to satisfy your curiosity and know if the investment is worth it, come with us. In this list, we evaluated several aspects to decide if paying a little more for these devices or even having an older version is a good idea.


The durability of a device usually depends on the care taken with it. But more often than not, Apple phones have a very long lifespan. If we discount the screen, which is usually a little more fragile, the rest of the device is great, both in physical aspects and in terms of operation.

Other than that, cell phones from other brands usually work perfectly for 1 or 2 years; after that, they lose much of their original performance. On the other hand, the iPhone lasts much longer than that, with great performance.


This is one of the points where we don’t even need to say much. iPhones are undeniably more expensive than other devices. Even though Samsung’s S -line models are coming in at pretty high prices, they offer technological innovation that justifies it. Unfortunately, the iPhone loses 1 point in this aspect, and there is no forecast for the price of these devices to be lower here, as it is mainly due to fees and taxes.


Another indisputable question, but this time with Apple’s victory. The brand’s cell phones usually dictate tech trends with their releases. An example of this is the iPhone 7 with 2 rear cameras. As discussed in this post, only now have other brands started to invest in this, and to understand the importance of a good camera for the user, while Apple designed the cell phone with 2 sensors back in 2016. The truth is that the camera of these cell phones is a reference of good quality and durability.


For this topic, we suggest an individual assessment of the iPhone you intend to buy and the competing model. Apple phones tend to perform well for a long time, but if an older version is compared to a newer model from another brand, it might not pay off that much. Take a good look at what the cell phone offers and compare it with the iPhone version. It is worth betting on Apple if the difference is minimal or even non-existent.


Memory is something significant to consider when buying a device. In the case of the iPhone, the greater the space to store files, the more expensive the cell phone gets. The downside of the brand is that you can only buy more space on iCloud, and you can’t insert memory cards or expanders of that kind.