Our congressional leaders are feverishly at the office attempting to stem the increase in gasoline prices. Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the home, is touting the 2007 legislature that provide automakers until 2020 to have their vehicle mileage as much as 35 mpg. This really is after giving automakers, because the last major oil crisis from the seventy’s, time for you to improve their automobile mileage. The automakers responded by providing us the Sports utility vehicle and Pickup.

Lately Nancy Pelosi along with other people of congress happen to be debating whether or not to open new areas for oil companies to drill for additional pricey oil. They are also debating whether local gas retailers are cost fixing or cost gouging. Nancy Pelosi should understand that the disposable marketplace is stopping that. If there’s cost gouging or cost fixing possess the attorney general investigate, you will find anti monopoly laws and regulations already around the books.

Nancy Pelosi is proud that congress passed the Farm Bill, H.R. 6124. Among the immediate results of this law is really a food shortage. Maqui berry farmers can now sell their full crop to biofuel manufactures. Biofuel manufactures only have had the ability to come out an additive of ethanol that refiners of oil have put into gasoline in an expense to all of us consumers. We keep hearing how biofuel would be to pricey compared to gasoline.

The time is right that Nancy Pelosi along with other congressmen start counseling us of alternate methods for saving our economy. Allow them to begin working for anyone from the U . s . States and never the oil and automobile companies.

There’s an innovative new fuel system for those automobiles. No business owns the merchandise. It uses probably the most fundamental resource on the planet, WATER. We’ve got the technology is incorporated in the public domain and used by lots of vehicle racers because the mid ninety’s. Hydrogen from water has shown to be a highly effective booster to automobile mpg creation of any new or old automobile. The customer at a lower price then $ 50 can manufacture the unit.

Lately they of people that discovered fraxel treatments are speaking with a few auto manufactures. Where are our congressional leaders like Nancy Pelosi in reporting in relating to this new technology? Your congressmen won’t ever promote fraxel treatments since it will modify the oil company’s main point here. We’ve safe and dealing technology offered to that will help us cut back on gasoline and simultaneously it’s no ecological effect however a by product water.