Household pests can be a nuisance and require pest control services. But if you have pests, you may worry about their safety when using pest control chemicals. So, can Barrier Pest control experts do their jobs without compromising the safety of your fur friends?

Keep in mind that a lot of pest control companies consider pets when giving their services. Many of them provide pet-friendly solutions that can effectively handle a pest infestation without causing harm to other animals in the house. But you must take precautions to make sure your pets are safe during and after pest treatment.  Here are the steps you can take:

Ensure Your Pets Don’t Go to the Treated Areas

Pest control can be quite dangerous for your pets, so keep them away from the treated area. Due to curiosity, your pets may try to explore the treated area and come into contact with the chemicals used. To keep your pets away from the treated area, designate a room for them during the treatment process. Keep your pets occupied by providing them with lots of water, food, and toys. 

Ensure the chemicals have dried up before you allow your pets back into the treated area. When still wet, chemicals can harm your pets because they may stick to their paws and fur, causing them to ingest or inhale the chemicals. Generally, you should wait a few hours before you let your pets access the area. 

Additionally, you must ensure the treated area is properly ventilated. Turn on fans and open windows, so air can circulate and the lingering chemical fumes disappear.  

Speak with the Pest Control Technician

When hiring pest control services, you must communicate with the provider, particularly if you have pets in your house. During this talk, ensure you tell them that you have pets, so they can develop a pet-friendly treatment plan. Also, the pest control company can advise you on how to prepare your house for treatment and reduce the risk to your pets. 

Moreover, ensure you ask questions to know what to expect from the treatment process. If you have concerns, do not hesitate to raise them during the consultation. Ask about the kind of chemicals they will use, the possible risks to pets, and what you can do to guarantee the safety of your fur friends. Having honest and open communication with the pest control provider will make you feel confident and comfortable with what they will do.