There weren’t that many great deals at Kroger this week, so I ended up spending only $60. We’ll pass the extra $10 on to use next week or save for a week if there are more good deals.

Silas had 8 baseball games between the two teams he’s on last week… needless to say we had a lot of snack food! I try to pack more than I think people will eat – and then we have options to choose from!

Have you tried this ice cream yet? It’s one of my favorites! I’m glad there have been so many ice cream deals lately!

I also love Pink Lady apples and was excited to see them on sale last week for $0.97/lb.

Potatoes were $1/bag for the £5 bag! We already had a few bags, so I only bought three!

And I found some great price cuts on meat – including a roast!

I love the dill pickle salad and am always happy when I find it’s discounted!

Four of Silas’ baseball games were in Murfreesboro, TN, so we finally got to try this donut shop that came highly recommended to us!

The donuts were so fresh and delicious!

And guess who’s birthday was?? She turned two!


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