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Stay-at-home moms would make a killing if they got a salary for all that they do- so why don’t you use those motherly skills to easily earn some income on the side?

Who wouldn’t want to stay at home and get paid? The perfect side hustles for moms are all right here!

More and more moms are looking for work-at-home jobs to not only earn some extra cash on the side for their family, but they’re even carving out legitimate work-from-home careers for themselves.

As a stay-at-home mom myself, I can personally say that having a flexible job has been an absolute dream come true! 

In this article, I am going to cover the absolute best stay-at-home mom jobs that you can start making money with today.

Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs Top Picks

We know as a mom, that you’re busy and have a lot going on- and that can include reading this article!

If you are in a rush, here are my top stay-at-home mom jobs this year:

Best App – Steady App helps you earn money on your own terms when you need it the most. Just download the app and link your bank account to get started.
Best Website – FlexJobs The #1 job site to find vetted remote work, work-from-home jobs, and other flexible job opportunities.
Most Profitable – Start a money-making blog and take complete control over your financial future. 
Easiest to Start – Become an online Proofreader if you love to read and easily spot spelling and grammatical errors. 
Best Passive Income – Learn how to create digital products that you can sell while you sleep. 
Highest Paying – Online bookkeeping is a very lucrative online job if you are great with numbers and spreadsheets.
Most Flexible – Become an online virtual assistant helping business owners run their day-to-day. 

25 Best Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs For 2022

Obviously, as a mom, our time is extremely limited and very precious.

And as a stay-at-home mom wondering about side hustles, a flexible job has to be a top priority with the chaos we go through!

So I made sure to only add online jobs for moms that specifically allow us to work around our super busy schedules. 

I’m very confident you’ll find a perfect work-at-home job where you can start making some great money from my list below. 

1) Start a Money Making Blog

Portrait of a casual young woman with coffee and laptop in the kitchen at home

What it pays: When you first start a blog, you need to have your ducks in a row- but once you do, you could earn some good money! Pay varies from blogger to blogger and increases with time- some make a small amount each month, and some make five figures per month or more.

It depends on a variety of factors, such as how much work you can put into it, how profitable the niche is that you are in, how much you’re willing to invest in blogging resources, having a solid content and marketing plan, and so on.

Blogging can be one of the most profitable online jobs for stay-at-home moms, but once you start a blog, you have to put work into it to get anything out of it successfully.

How do bloggers make money you ask?

– Affiliate Marketing

When you start a blog, affiliate marketing will be your bread and butter- how you bring home the bacon without actually leaving home!

Affiliate marketing is where you promote services or products to your readers, and if they click through your link and complete the transaction, you will get a commission from the company for pointing them that way.

There is the potential for making thousands of dollars per month this way, providing you learn about the best marketing strategies, including the best partners or programs to work with, and how to get your readers to click on the links.

Our friend Michelle makes over $50,000 per month with affiliate marketing, and due to popular demand, she created a course to teach us her best tricks.

Here is an example of just one program we promote with our blog. 

Proofread Anywhere Affiliate Dashboard

– Display Ads

Once you have got a decent amount of traffic coming to your site, you can join good advertising networks that pay a lot of money, such as Mediavine, who we are currently with.

We regularly have months where we make $3,000 to $5,000 alone just in display ad revenue. 

– Sponsorships

Sponsorships are when a brand will pay you to write about them in a dedicated post (or multiple posts) on your blog. These may also include social media shares or could be just on your social media.

We get a good portion of our income from some amazing brand partnerships and created our own course Sponsorship Secrets.

– Selling Products and Services

Selling products and services is a great way to make money from your blog, and you can use them at any point in your blogging journey.

If you are selling a digital product, this is a good passive income earner. Once you have created your product and post it for sale, you don’t need to do anything else (apart from promoting it, of course!). 

Examples of products and services could be e-books, guides, courses, etc.

Here is an example of our earnings from our Shop selling things like our Budgeting Binder, Monthly Meal Planner, and Chaos to Control Bundle. 

We started making $1,000 per month from our digital products and were able to quickly scale it to over $10,000 per month by taking the course Million Dollar Shop. 

Shopify results

Perfect for: This is great for all stay-at-home moms looking for a super flexible job. We all have a story inside of us that we want to tell, and we all have special areas within our lives that we have people ask for advice on.

If you love writing then that’s a good start, but it pays to be good at marketing your blog such as on social media, and writing content that will get you high on Google’s list.

What it is: A blog is a website that you run and post content on relating to your subject – for example, this is a personal finance blog where we share ways that you can manage, make and save money. It’s also a recession-proof business, so even when times get tough, you’re going to keep bringing money in!

How to get started: No Bachelor’s degree or experience necessary- just a love of writing and a passion of any sort! You can join our Start Your Blog Boot Camp or read our in-depth how-to start a money-making blog guide here. 

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2) Make Money Proofreading

What it pays: The average pay for online proofreading jobs per year is $51,537. Caitlin Pyle made $43,000 per year working part-time hours as an online proofreader and has now put together a free workshop for those interested in learning how to become a proofreader.

You can also work as a proofreader or content editor in a variety of online editing jobs, giving you plenty of job reach potential!

Perfect for: This stay-at-home mom job requires a mom with an eagle eye and can spot misspelled words and mistakes in grammar and punctuation from a mile off. I catch myself proofreading do without meaning to – when I am reading a menu or a book for example.

What it is: You will read over and edit all types of written work, sometimes a variety of subjects with different content. This will include spelling or grammatical errors, plus checking for correct information details. As a proofreader, you will be the last set of eyes on a project, ready to catch any mistakes before the final piece of work is submitted.

How to get started: The way that you can find work can be very similar to freelance writing as mentioned above – look at job sites like Fiverr or FlexJobs, within Facebook groups, and pitch for work to publications.

Due to the boom in the self-publishing and blogging industries, professional online proofreaders who are well-trained and familiar with relevant style guides are in high demand. You can proofread a wide variety of content from blog posts to books to online course material, making it an interesting work-from-home job for stay-at-home moms.

FREE Proofreading Workshop

Proofread Anywhere

3) Become a Freelance Writing

What it pays: According to ClearVoice, the most common amount charged by beginner freelance writers is $21–$40 per hour.

You can also either be paid per word or per article – it’s up to you to decide which works best for you. As a freelance writer, you can charge as you see fit!

Perfect for: Moms who love to write but are also able to work quickly and with high accuracy. If you’re looking for typing jobs for stay-at-home moms, this is for you.

What it is: Tons of companies and brands need content to be produced for them, and they often hire a freelance writer to get things done. This could be in the form of blog posts, articles, writing emails, social media posts, or other online communications.

How to get started: You can look for freelance stay-at-home jobs on job sites such as Indeed, ProBlogger, Writers Work, etc.

You can also find work by pitching to brands/sites that you are aware of that could need writers (even if they are not advertising for them). Plenty of freelance writers have success nowadays finding work in Facebook groups, so this is something to look at too. As stay-at-home moms, you may have joined groups for your kids and their activities, but you can find groups to help you get mom jobs too!

Earn More Writing

4) Become a Virtual Assistant

woman in red sweater working on laptop with books and coffee, near a window

What it pays: The typical pay for a virtual assistant is $15.64 per hour. This will obviously vary depending on the amount of experience you have and how you price your services.

Perfect for: Stay-at-home moms who love to organize, have systems, and preferably have some administrative experience.

What it is: This will be different based on what their business needs, but it is essentially doing administrative work remotely. Who doesn’t love a remote job?

A virtual assistant job is essentially the key employee who organizes schedules, papers, and everything a business may need.

Examples of virtual assistant tasks include scheduling work, answering phone calls, making appointments, managing diaries, organizing files, and other business functions.

How to get started: To become a virtual assistant, you can look to apply for jobs on sites such as Indeed or FlexJobs. A good way to also look for jobs could be to approach local businesses and see if you can offer any help to them.

$10K VA

5) Social Media Marketing

What it pays: The average pay for a social media manager is $15.42 per hour.

Perfect for: Moms who love organizing and are a whizz on social media. If you enjoy managing different systems and know your way around WordPress and sites like Pinterest or Instagram, you are going to get a good deal of work coming your way.

Some companies may require a Bachelor’s degree in business or something related to their field of expertise, but it isn’t necessary for some social media positions.

What it is: When you start a blog, you quickly realize that there are plenty of tasks that you don’t have as much time for or simply enjoy as much. 

These tasks tend to be things like social media management – because although it is necessary, other things have a higher return on investment, along with the fact that it can be really difficult to juggle a bunch of different social platforms all at once.

With that in mind, most bloggers and other business owners turn to social media-focused virtual assistants to help them with their workload.

Ideas of things that a virtual assistant in this regard does could be pinning on Pinterest, scheduling Facebook or Twitter posts, posting on Instagram, answering emails, etc.

How to get started: There are tons of blogging Facebook groups out there where your ideal customers will be. If anyone asks for advice you can give your two cents and be known as someone who offers good value. People also often ask if there are any virtual assistants as they want to hire one.

6) Local Business Marketing

unique business ideas

What it pays: The standard in this industry is to charge $1,000–$2,000 per client, and it only takes you a few hours per week, after the initial setup and testing.

Perfect for: Those of you stay-at-home moms who are good at social media and/or marketing or are eager and willing to learn. 

Similar to many marketing jobs, some companies may require a Bachelor’s degree, but you can find options that don’t require one too.

If you don’t have previous experience in this, it could be good for you to invest in a course or find a coach that will help you learn how to do it.

What it is: You’ll find that many local businesses don’t have a great marketing strategy in place because they’ve been relying on things like foot traffic and word of mouth to market their business.

Maybe they started a small company and it did better than they had planned and they want to get the word out to more people, or maybe they aren’t doing so well and they need a hand.

Either way, all businesses need to make sales to make money and keep running, so a marketing plan is something that every business needs.

They may not know where to start with this, which is where you can come in.

You can be in charge of their marketing, depending on what you think would work well for them. A good place to start can be Facebook, as their ideal customers are bound to be on Facebook.

If you aren’t too savvy with Facebook ads right now but would love to become a Facebook ad manager, you should click here to sign up for a course run by our friend Bobby Hoyt who teaches this.

How to get started: The best thing to do is to try it out yourself first, so that you know how to do it before you start offering it as a service!

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7) Become an Online Tutor

What it pays: The typical hourly rate is $20 per hour or around $43,316 a year for a tutor.

Perfect for: Former teachers, or those who hold a Bachelor’s degree. 

What it is: You can help children or students to learn in an area in which you have more expertise. Examples could be teaching English, math, and more. When my husband, Kelan, left his job, he worked for a bit for VIPKid teaching English to children in other countries, and loved it!

How to get started: Sign up with VIPKid to start with teaching English to students in other countries. Some stay-at-home moms do this early in the morning before their kids are awake, before the hectic part of their day starts.

Start making $15–$22/hour teaching English online with VIPKid. Start your application now.

8) Perform Market Research

woman using laptop computer with pen and notebooks on desk nearby

What it pays: This is dependent on the company you are doing it for and how much they offer for each survey, but you can make some cash if you dedicate some time to it.

Perfect for: Stay-at-home moms who don’t have a lot of time where they can sit down and hammer out a bunch of work for hours on end. If you are looking for something that you can do around your kids, then this is for you.

What it is: Market research companies would like to know what people in certain demographics think about what they are promoting. The best way for them to find out this information is to get people to fill out surveys.

How to get started: Enroll for the best survey sites around, there are many options and we’ve done some reviews for you to check out. Our top picks are Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. 

9) Become a User Experience Tester (

What it pays: You can earn up to $60 per test. You will be paid $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video that you complete.

Perfect for: Stay-at-home moms with access to a phone (e.g., iPhone), a PC, or Mac that has an internet connection and the ability to download their software.

You must also be over 18 years old and be able to speak your thoughts out loud.

What it is: You visit a website or app and complete a set of tasks whilst speaking out loud about what you are doing and your thoughts on it.

Companies will pay you to do this because they want to make sure that their customers are happy, and get feedback from their sites or apps. Hearing your thoughts as you look at it live can give them valuable insights that could lead to more sales for them.

How to get started: Sign up through UserTesting here. You will need to take a sample test, and when you are approved, you start earning.

10) Data Entry

What it pays: The typical pay for a data entry clerk is $13.85 per hour, for a nonremote worker. 

Perfect for: Moms who are fast typers and don’t mind work that may be a bit repetitive at times. You will need to be computer literate and have a good understanding of computer systems.

What it is: Data entry is the process of moving one form of data into another, usually done on a computer. This is typically quite a big job, so many companies hire out for this part of their business. This is a good option for a stay-at-home mom who can sit and get things done quickly!

How to get started: Have a look at sites such as FlexJobs or Indeed. There are other sites that you can use such as Smart Crowd, Smart, Clickworker, and you could also try out Fiverr.

11) Become a Bookkeeper

What it pays: The average wage for a bookkeeper ranges from $18–$23 per hour, averaging at $20 per hour.

Perfect for: This may require a Bachelor’s degree, but as long as you have some skills or experience already you have a shot at bookkeeping. Ideally, you will be good with numbers, as this is what you will be dealing with! You will need to be highly organized and have a good eye for detail and spotting mistakes. 

What it is: Bookkeepers are generally accountable for a company’s financial affairs. As a stay-at-home mom, you may have some practice with this around the house! You will produce financial statements and record all income and costs that the company is generating.

How to get started: Take a look at sites like Indeed or FlexJobs. You could also reach out to local companies to see if they need anyone.

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12) Sell on Amazon

What it pays: You can easily make money doing this, but it will be dependent on what you are selling, your eye for what to buy, and how much time you put into it. If you have even a free hour once per week, you can dig around the house and find some hidden treasures you don’t want anymore!

There are plenty of people out there who are making more than a full-time income from selling on Amazon.

Perfect for: If you enjoy finding a bargain, this is for you. Some stay-at-home moms are really good at price-shopping and getting good deals locally, so this may be second nature for some of you!

Not everything will sell well on Amazon, so you have to do your research and hunt out the bargains that are worth flipping for profit.

You will need to be organized, meticulous, and willing to learn.

What it is: You can sell pretty much anything on Amazon these days, and the best way to make a good profit is to get something for a low fee and then sell it on for a lot more.

You can find goods such as toys in a reduced price section at a local store and list them online. If you do Amazon FBA, you send the items to Amazon’s warehouse, and they will ship them out to the customer for you once they have sold.

How to get started: Have a read through some Amazon FBA articles or YouTube videos to get some advice from the pros on how they do it. The best thing to do is to just get started!

You can use the Amazon FBA app to scan bar codes of items in your home to give you a feel for how it works, and go from there.

13) Create a Shopify Store

person using tablet with laptop in background on tabletop

What it pays: We have started our own Shopify store recently and have been making over $1,000 a month from it. Our mentor Sarah Titus makes an amazing amount on Shopify. She made $52,060 in her first month on Shopify! 

You can get the training you need by taking one of Sarah’s incredible Shopify courses. 

Perfect for: Stay-at-home moms who are handy at making things that you can sell online.

What it is: Shopify is an online storefront where you can sell physical products, digital products, services, or drop ship products.

How to get started: Brainstorm ideas for what you want to sell exactly – it helps to have a theme. Then, set up your Shopify store with your products and get selling!

14) Transcribe Videos, Movies, Audio Files

What it pays: The average wage for a transcriber is currently $15 per hour.

Perfect for: Quick typers, as you will need to type quickly and accurately for this role.

What it is: You will be transcribing audio files – listening to the audio and then typing up what is being said on them – hence why quick typing skills are needed!

How to get started: Check out our article to learn how to become a transcriptionist today and start applying for jobs. There are a bunch of different websites that you can join, and many of them will take on people who have had no prior experience. They are generally quite flexible as they realize that people doing these jobs will be working around their kids.

Some sites to check out are TranscribeMe, Capital Typing, CastingWords, GMR Transcription, the list goes on! You will usually have to do a typing test before you are hired.

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15) Flip Items at Flea Markets for Cash

What it pays: With Amazon, how much you get hinges on how much time and effort you commit to, and your eye for spotting something good. Our friends over at Flea Market Flipper made $133,000 in one year flipping from only working 20–30 hours per week!

Perfect for: Those who are interested in having a comb through items to see if they would make a good profit. You will need to be organized and meticulous to keep on top of all of your stock and selling.

What it is: This is similar to Amazon FBA, but you can resell on any platform that you want. You will find things that are for sale at a low cost, and then sell on for a much higher price to get a great profit. You could resell on sites like Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and more.

How to get started: Sign up for our friends’ course over at Flea Market Flipper. They do this as a full-time job, and their course will show you the items that sell well, as well as help you with shipping queries.

16) Life Coach

What it pays: This is a job with huge potential for a lot of income, but you need to go about it the right way. Depending on the type of client that you are going after, and if you are offering 1-on-1 and/or group coaching.

A general idea would be around $47 per hour if you are targeting lower-income clients or $297 per hour for higher-income clients.

Perfect for: Do you love helping people live up to their potential? Are you good at personal development and encouraging others to push themselves forward? If you have a positive and can-do attitude, this could be the job for you as a stay-at-home mom.

What it is: There are many different types of life coaches out there, but typically a coach is someone who helps their clients work toward their future goals and assists them in achieving those goals.

How to get started: As with all coaching jobs, a Bachelor’s degree isn’t needed but you’ll want to get certification before you offer services to clients.

There are some very expensive programs out there, but a good, lower-cost course to check out is Life Coaching Certificate Course – although make sure that you do your research first to ensure you choose a course or program that suits YOUR career needs.

Check out other life coaches and see if it sounds like it appeals to you, and what makes them stand out.

17) Health Coach

young woman in workout clothes cutting fruit in a kitchen with a pile of health foods nearby

What it pays: The average pay for a health coach is $20.23 per hour, with the top 10% of coaches earning $100,000 and above.

Perfect for: Those who are interested and experienced in fitness and physical wellness. If you can motivate people and encourage them to improve in this area, this is the job for you.

What it is: Coaching is turning into a massive industry because so many people want to get fit and healthy, but they aren’t sure where to start. In fact, getting physically fit is very much psychological, which is why people look for a coach to get them in the zone mentally.

You can advise your clients on what steps to take and provide encouragement along the way.

How to get started: You don’t currently need a diploma or certification to be a coach. If you do however want to get a qualification, one of the more popular is the certification from the International Association for Health Coaches.

18) Travel Agent

What it pays: The standard salary ranges from $29,000–$58,000 per year, but it all depends on how much experience you have, how many clients, etc.

Perfect for: Moms who love to travel or have experience with traveling. Being able to build a good rapport with customers is a must.

What it is: Travel agents are people who arrange vacations and trips for their customers, to try and find them the best deal and advise on the best destinations. You can set up as a travel agency working from home, and do it all digitally and/or over the phone.

How to get started: Some agencies will help you to get set up as an agent, such as Travel Planners International, Nexion, Avoya Travel, and Outside Agents.

19) In-Home Childcare

What it pays: This depends on where you live, but you should be able to charge about $30 per day. Look at what other childcare companies in your area are charging and adjust accordingly.

Perfect for: If you love kids and are happy to look after other kids as well as your own, at the same time. You will need to be responsible, organized, positive, and a fun caretaker.

What it is: In-home childcare is where you are looking after other people’s children during the day, at your home. You will be required to set up for playtime, feed them, generally look after them, and keep them safe.

How to get started: You will need to get the correct insurance for looking after children in your home and make sure that you don’t need any particular licenses. You could also look at for opportunities in your area. An easy way to start is to offer up your childcare services to friends and family, you can get some feelers out there to promote yourself.

20) Sell Photography

What it pays: This depends on how many photos you are uploading and which sites they are on. Not only that but you will likely be paid depending on how many downloads they get. For example, new Shutterstock contributors get paid $1.88 for every On Demand Image download, but once they make $500, that rate goes up to $2.48.

Perfect for: If you love taking photos, on your phone or with whatever. To make decent money from this, you will have to take many photos. If you have a little experience in graphic design, mostly to edit photos, you can earn more from selling high-quality photos!

What it is: There are sites out there that will pay you to upload your photography if their customers are downloading it.

How to get started: You can sign up to sites like Shutterstock or iStock Photo. Take a look at what other photographers are uploading, and get started! On another note, you can see if friends and family need photos- graduations, baby photoshoots, there are so many options within your own social circle.

Bonus Jobs for Stay-At-Home Moms to Make Extra Money

person working on a laptop while building a blog website

These are all great ideas for a side business for stay-at-home moms and hopefully have shown you how to make money as a stay-at-home mom.

As you can see from our list, there are not only stay-at-home mom job ideas for considerable income/careers, but also stay-at-home mom jobs with no degree!

The list above is amazing if you are looking for a new career working at home, but there are some stay-at-home moms who aren’t looking for a career or significant income and just want to earn a bit of extra cash.

Here are some work-at-home jobs for you to do just that!

Start a Side Money Making Hustle

A side hustle is a source of additional income that you are bringing in around your usual schedule or work. It can also be a source of income for those who want to be a stay-at-home mom but still contribute to the household income.

More and more moms are turning to side hustles as a way of earning extra moolah that they can do around the kids, and have something for themselves as well.

Some ideas for hustles for stay-at-home moms are

Use Cash Back Apps

Our favorite last little tip for making some moolah with almost no effort is to use all the cash back apps that you can!

When you do your shopping, there are companies out there who can offer you money back on your purchases – yes, the ones you were getting anyway!

You will need to enroll in these apps, and then follow the instructions on them to see how to get your cash back.

We highly recommend these:

How Much Money Can You Make as a Stay-At-Home Mom?

Mother and baby in home office with laptop

There isn’t a specific answer that will fit everyone because every stay-at-home mom job is different, has a different level of experience needed, amount of time and other commitments, etc.

So we want to show you the best paying online jobs that can be a great source of income for your family. You can find a job perfect for you and your skills on our list!

You can easily make $20+ per hour with most of the more beginner work-at-home jobs. With the more advanced stay-at-home mom jobs, you could make upwards of $50 per hour!

It depends on your skill set, how many hours you can work, and what duties you are responsible for.

You easily have the ability to get a part-time side hustle income and even a full-time income from working from home, as long as you have the passion and the hustle! Working at home can be a sinch!

Luckily there are many opportunities for work-at-home jobs that you can literally start today. 

Reasons to Look Into Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs

If we’re all being honest, working from home sounds pretty appealing in general, whether you’re a mom or not.

Not having to leave the house, not needing to put on makeup or get out of your pajamas? Sounds amazing to me!

In all seriousness though, there are many reasons why working from home holds such an appeal for stay-at-home moms, and it’s not just because you get to have more time with the kids (although this obviously holds the most appeal).

Day Care Costs

Young beautiful teacher and toddler playing with building blocks toy at kindergarten

Need I say more?

The cost of daycare ranges from $4,000 to $26,000 annually. 

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have that money in my pocket and also be at home with my kids.

Flexible Hours

When you are picking a job to do as a stay-at-home mom, make sure you look at the hours that are required of you.

Work-at-home jobs aren’t always flexible hours, where you pick your schedule- for example, a VA may need to be on hand from 9:00 am- 1:00 pm for phone calls.

SO you need to know what is expected of you for any work-at-home jobs that come your way. It’s best for moms to pick what hours they work.

There are multitudes of online jobs for moms where the companies are aware of the fact that there will be many stay-at-home parents applying for the role and then working for them, so they make it as flexible as they can.

Something like teaching for VIPKid, for example, can fit in really well with when the kids are asleep!

Saving on Work Costs

This is something that we don’t always think about when we are going out to a 9–5 job; the fact that we tend to spend money going to work.

We have to buy clothes to wear to work (unless, of course, you wear a uniform that is provided for you), and we gas to get to work in the first place, in addition to all the smaller expenses that come up – lunches, the occasional coworker birthday or retirement gift, etc.

If you have a long commute, that is a lot of time that you are wasting just getting to work and money that is spent on transport too.

If you’re not doing meal prep and packing your own lunch every day (which many working parents don’t do!), then you’re surely wasting money on convenience foods for your pantry!

Work-at-home jobs save people hundreds each month, whether it’s clothes, gas, or food.

Learning a new skill and working from home can save you and your family a ton of money! 

Contributing to the Family

love languages changes with growing family

Imagine being able to contribute financially to your family’s future. Sound awesome? It sure is! 

Having a dual-income household can set you up for financial freedom in more than one way. 

Earning money as a stay-at-home mom will help you pay off your debt, save for retirement, and go on that family vacation you have been dreaming of. 

Even if your time is very limited, there are flexible mommy jobs online that will enable you to earn good money.

How to Get Started Finding a Stay-At-Home Mom Job

Just reading this article is the first step in finding a legit stay-at-home job that is perfect for you!

Like any other job, it can be stressful searching around for online jobs for moms, but we can arm you with knowledge and get you ready for it all.

Here are some of our thoughts on getting prepared for your new job and being a stay-at-home mom.

What Qualifications or Training Do I Need?

Any job listings you find online will likely tell you what they will expect from you, whether it’s a Bachelor’s degree and education level or experience level. 

Each job we’ve discussed for stay-at-home moms has touched on this, but most of the jobs we’ve suggested for you don’t require a degree. Most of them are about experiences or skills you have that can qualify you for the job.

If you want to sell art, you need experience with whatever medium you’re using- clay, acrylics, resin, or what have you. This job is all about making something people want to buy.

When it comes to editing, childcare, or tutoring- these all could require a degree, but oftentimes employers or parents will be interested in what experience you have and what you’re good at.

If you can type more than 60 words per minute, have great spelling and grammar skills, and so on, you could be a perfect candidate for editing without going to school for business!

On the other hand, some jobs may require other documents besides degrees. Coaching and bookkeeping are stay-at-home mom jobs that will likely need certification, but that is easier and quicker to obtain than a degree.

When in doubt, you can always look into expanding your horizons or polishing off your skills. You can check out courses online or YouTube videos to see what skills you could develop or get a refresher on.

Do I Need Any Special Tools or Software?

headset computer work

Any tools you need hinges on what type of job you’re applying for. Some ads will have it included in the details, but there’s usually contact information for you to reach out to.

You can ask this and any other questions before you send in an application for a job, and it shows initiative to potential employers too.

Some companies will offer subscriptions to software or whatever tools you need, but for other cases, you’ll be able to buy them and get reimbursed for it by your employers or you’ll put them as a deductible on your taxes.

Never rule out a job because of software payments, be sure to ask!

!If you want to take on editing jobs of any kind, you’ll likely need software.  For photos and videos, you need Adobe programs like Photoshop or Premiere.

For content/article editing, you could use Google docs, Microsoft Word, or other options.

That being said, we have some software and tools you may want to become familiar with for some of your jobs.


Remote payment will be important for work-at-home jobs- who wants to wait for a check in the mail?

You’ll want to find stay-at-home mom jobs that offer direct deposit or use cash apps to make things easier on you.

Some jobs use invoices and send payments through PayPal, so you can set up an account and become familiar with it.

Not only that, but you can use PayPal to receive payment for any goods or services you sell, like editing work, artwork, or even childcare. 

Google Drive

When in doubt, free will be key! And this is a helpful tool even for more than jobs at home.

If it’s even just for resume writing or using it for personal documents or photos, Google Drive can become your best friend.

You can use Google sheets to make lists, Google Docs to create and manage content, and a calendar and email to get yourself organized. It can be all in one place!

Where Can I Find Legitimate Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs?

We are in a beautiful time, where we can find so many resources online! You can use Google to check out stay-at-home mom jobs or find websites dedicated to job postings. 

You can check Indeed, Facebook, SimplyHired, or more for any type of job listing you can think of. You can use these sites not just for the best stay-at-home jobs, but for all sorts of opportunities.

You can also use Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms to promote your own business or craft sales. You can use social media to easily share pictures, make sales, and get people interested in your work.

Create your own website (or blog!) to demonstrate your work, your passion, and to gain interest in whatever you might be selling- art, freelance work, or anything! A webpage gives you more flexibility than just a Facebook page, so you can add as much as you like and still interact with potential clients and make sales.

Places also sell web services with great customization options, like Wix or Squarespace.

Lastly, don’t forget to check local businesses for flyers or ads- they may have jobs posted and some have the potential to be online jobs! And see what you can find out from friends and family, you never know who could hook you up. 

How to Balance Working at Home and Motherhood

A work-life balance is hard for any mother, and it’s important for stay-at-home moms to know that a work-at-home job isn’t impossible and you can be successful with it and motherhood.

That being said, as a stay-at-home mom myself, there are times when balancing job tasks and house errands can be difficult. 

For moms who work at home while their kids are at school, there is sometimes more flexibility to get tasks done between your job and home needs. But for us that have little ones at home, we need to organize ourselves and work out how things will go.

There’s no magic to making everything clean and perfect, but there are tips we can suggest to help the transition.

1. Create a Dedicated Work Area

This could be tough for some of you stay-at-home moms, but you need your space! Literally!

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t work where you sleep? It may have been a college thing, but it can be hard to focus when you work anywhere but a designated workspace!

If you set up a dedicated work area, you’ll set yourself up for success by having an organized space just for you. You will find it so much easier to get into a work mode and get right to work. 

We recommend any place with free space where you could shut a door for some quiet and room to get a station arranged with what you need. This could be a spot in the basement, a guest room, or even an extra table in your bedroom.

If you already have an office, just tailor it to what you need!

If you’re doing editorial work, office work, or anything online, you’ll want a desk with plenty of space and a very comfy chair to get you through the day. Trust us, we would know!

If you’re interested in selling crafts or getting creative with flip market items, you can have a table or two to dedicate as project space and vavrious crafting bins for organized storage supplies. Plus if the tables are only for projects- behind closed doors- you don’t have to worry about packing everything away if you aren’t totally finished. 

2. Create a Good Routine and Block Off Time

how to become a bookkeeper mom working form home with kids

So many moms need to be reminded to block time off for themselves, period! But if you’re interested in a legit stay-at-home job, you’ll have to manage your time wisely and get a good routine down pat.

Stay-at-home moms have great responsibilities and are really unsung heroes in my eyes, so adding on another job can be stressful without preparing yourself first.

When preparing for stay-at-home jobs, you should write what your days are like now and plan what time you could feasibly use to work.

Then add in your “work time” and talk with the family about what those times will look like for you and them.

Kids do best with some structure for their days, and you setting up a daily routine can help them learn what sort of expectations they might have in school and other structured activities. You can set up some fun or educational activities for your kids to keep them engaged and busy while you are.

Now fun activities can help a lot of the time, but it can still be hard to work at home and feel successful when you have kids home all day. 

Don’t worry, mom, you can find flexible jobs that fit your lifestyle! Even if you can only work during nap time or during their snacks, every 10 or 15 minutes is still time you could try to earn some money.

3. Wake Up Early 

The early bird gets the worm, right? The morning is your opportunity to start the day off how you want!

Your kids may already be amazing alarm clocks, but it feels better to get up on your own schedule.

Even if you don’t get up early to do any work from home or work around the home, that morning time can be exactly what you need. 

We as moms need our shut-eye when we can get it, but getting up before the kids can do you so much good.

There are so many benefits to waking up early- starting with some peace and quiet just for you. If the kids are still in bed, this moment is all for you!

It gives you a chance to plan out your day, put yourself into a positive mindset, and even boost the likelihood of having a successful day with work and the kids.

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