I love this photo so much! It sums up her personality so perfectly!

I found this photo of the two older girls with Jesse at a father daughter dance many years ago.

This boy won’t sit back if we go for a walk now. He wants to absorb everything around him!

Almost on to the third trimester!! I keep hearing from people who don’t follow my Instagram stories and posts closely who write and say, “Wait, are you pregnant again??!” And I realized I should probably post another pregnancy update here!

This has definitely been a pregnancy full of interesting twists. Frankly, it wasn’t easy. I’ve been much more nauseous than all of my four other pregnancies. And months after months of incessant nausea — first-trimester nausea and then acid reflux nausea — well, it definitely stretches you and can wear you out.

But I keep thinking about women who have HG and throw up several times a day every day for their entire pregnancy or women who have debilitating nausea for much less exciting reasons and it helps me have a better attitude and a shift in perspective. Every time I have a little relief from the nausea, I am so grateful – even if it only lasts an hour! I try to be super, super careful with what I eat and take really good care of myself and that helps at least a little bit.

Another part of the “adventure” was the ongoing spotting/bleeding issues I had throughout this pregnancy. First it was unexplained bleeding (in my first trimester), then it was my placenta, and now they think it probably has to do with having a low lying placenta. I’m going back next week for another ultrasound and we’ll see if my placenta has moved in the right direction or not. There’s a decent chance I’m getting placenta previa based on how things are moving…but I trust God and am so thankful I got this far without any serious emergency bleeding.

I am grateful that my midwife has been so calm, but also wise about everything. I honestly have such peace of mind about how things will turn out and what the next 10-12 weeks may hold. I trust God for every day, pray for protection for this baby, and just try to rest well, get good nutritious food (as best I can bear it!), and fill my mind with truth/encouragement.

So here’s a pregnancy update for the many who have been asking! Thank you for being such great cheerleaders and prayer warriors!

My 6 goals for last week

Personal Goals

reading goals

Business/Blogging Goals

Write a post about 50 things you don’t have to pay for. Rewrite/edit chapters 1 and 2 of my next book.

My 6 goals for this week

Personal Goals

reading goals

Business/Blogging Goals

Write a post about 20 ways to save money on meat. Rewrite/edit chapters 3-6 of my next book.

This post A look at the past week (+ my goals for this week!)

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