Happy March everyone!

In February, we spent a lot of time working on new content. We didn’t do much of this in 2021. We are working on getting back to basics.

Let’s see what we accomplished in February and what we plan to do in March. Andrew is so excited to be doing backflips in my backyard.

What we accomplished in February!

In January, we turned commentary back on! We took a break from comments, but we missed the community involvement in our posts. One of our goals in 2022 is to bring back that sense of community.

We missed hearing for all of you! Shoot us a “Hello!” in the comments below!

We have published several more articles. We also share tons of cool financial jokes, infographics and quotes on social media. Check out our Instagram!

Income for February

In February we kind of got back to what we normally earned in 2021. This was a nice little win for the month, but we have a lot of work to do for 2022.

I personally have a lot of ambition for Wallet Squirrel this year and what I want it to be. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to put into the website. Although I don’t think I have much time, my problem is really a priority. I can be easily distracted, which distracts my attention from what really matters. This is something I recognize and work on.

What helps you stay focused?

February 2022 Income Report

These are all pretty incredible revenue generators and we’ve mentioned them before on the blog.

Monthly Expenses for Wallet Squirrel

The phrase “It takes money to make money” is actually quite accurate. As we learn new skills, we find new software and processes that help us make more money. However, they come at a price for their convenience. This is where our money went in July.

Monthly Fee – $215 Total

bluehost [$36] – Hosting service Ahrefs [$104] – Keyword and web traffic research Sitelock [$8] – Extra security for our Bluehost servers Domain [$2] – So we can keep the domain WalletSquirrel.com Bloom [$7] – Our email forms, but we will probably get rid of this soon Grammarly [$12] – We can’t live without this great grammar tool The Noun Project [$4] – The best site for icons for our infographics Sendible [$30] – A social media scheduling platform. Adam seems to really enjoy it! Canvas [$12] – Helps us create cool images!

Everything that remains is invested in my dividend portfolio.

What’s the next step for March

Content, content and more content. I hope to create four more original articles for you next month. These articles will help you earn and save more money. An article is about a personal project my wife and I have been working on for the past eight months. I look forward to sharing how we were able to save $700 in costs on our already meager budget. We have great financial creativity to share!

We’ll also have some great guest posts coming your way. I am very excited about this one.

Andrew continues to build our affiliate website. This website is just getting started, but it has a LOT of potential.

What will you be working on in March?


Adam and Andreas

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