Not goodbye, but see you soon

After writing this week’s column, I don’t feel like it anymore. My wife will offer that I don’t feel like it anymore, but that may be in a general sense 🙂

This will be my last installment for the ‘Understanding the Markets’ column. I step aside. The weekly column continues with a new writer to be announced soon.

“Understanding the Markets” was the best experience of my career as an investment writer. As you may know, in my past life I was an advertising writer and creative director. Those are two completely different writing styles and disciplines.

In advertising we are storytellers, where creativity and surprise predominate. That said, the advertising experience helped me a lot in preparing to become my investment advisor at Tangerine Investments. The combined advertising and advisor experience may have created a different kind of perspective and background that shaped my writing about investments.

It also helps that I’ve been a self-directed investor and ETF nut for decades. Some might argue that it made me well suited to write a weekly column about the crazy world of stock markets and other investments. “Understanding the markets” has never been boring. There’s more drama, surprise, twists and wacky characters than your typical Hollywood blockbuster.

It may have helped that I started this column when the COVID-19 was just warming up. The ongoing pandemic introduced a new dynamic that markets and investors have never seen before. There was never a dull week.

I’m not sure if markets are always this interesting or if the unbroken string of interesting weeks is pandemic related. Writing this column has certainly made me look at the markets much closer than ever before.

It was an incredible learning experience.

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