NGPF is pleased to announce that our partnership with Nearpod has expanded! Now you can find NGPF’s 9th World Cup course in Nearpod’s library, just in time to celebrate Financial Literacy Month with your students. Nearpod is an interactive instructional platform that gives teachers real-time insight into student learning and NGPF uses the platform to facilitate our virtual professional development and deliver our classes.

Building on an existing partnership through which NGPF classes on Nearpod have been taken more than four million times by students, the new classes coming to Nearpod include taxes, auditing, savings, paying for school, types of credit, credit management, investing, insurance and budgeting in a nine week course. “The evidence for integrating financial literacy into high school classrooms is clear, and we’re proud to expand Next Gen content on our platform,” said Pep Carerra, CEO of Nearpod. Most importantly, we are proud that this robust curriculum will be available on our platform for free. We believe all students deserve access to this life-changing curriculum, and we are excited to provide educators with engaging content that will have a lasting impact on the lives of their students.”

Click here to access NGPF’s free lessons on Nearpod!

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Tori Mansfield

After graduating from the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications in 2011, a documentary internship about master’s teachers led Tori into education. She taught English language arts for five years and received high test results and awards such as Teacher of the Year. In 2017, Tori left the classroom and moved to the Bay Area to focus on helping school districts use technology to improve classroom teaching. While training teachers in the use of learning management systems and educational software, Tori discovered a passion for facilitating professional development. This passion led her to Next Gen Personal Finance, where she is excited to help spread financial knowledge to educators and students across the country.

This post NGPF’s lessons are now available in Nearpod’s library!

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