With “Euphoria” recently ushering in its season finale, the internet is abuzz with the show’s dramatic makeup looks.

If you’re wondering how to perfectly achieve these and other unique beauty styles… well, you should probably hire a professional makeup artist. But if you want to get really close — and pay a lot less — check out these budget-friendly beauty hacks.

Start with a dewy look

One of the main beauty themes in “Euphoria” is a dewy look without makeup. To recreate this at home, makeup artist Anna Bearman says to start with a moisturizer. Ideally, you should moisturize your face as soon as you wash your face or get out of the shower. This will help retain moisture and maintain a dewy look.

Bearman recommends the Vanicream Moisturizing Lotion, which costs just $14. You can also use this as a body moisturizer. After moisturizing, use a foundation and concealer to complete your makeup-free look. If you already have a solid foundation and concealer routine, stick with that. No need to buy anything else.

If you’re in the market for a new foundation, Maybelline’s Fit Me line costs less than $10 a bottle and has over 40 shades.

Check YouTube for ideas

No matter what kind of makeup you’re trying to find, Bearman says it’s easy to get cheap ideas from YouTube. Just type in words like “affordable” or “cheap” along with whatever you’re looking for.

You can also start following YouTubers focusing on ways to create makeup looks for less. Some of Bearman’s recommendations include:

Use drugstore choices

Dramatic eyeliner is a staple for the “Euphoria” characters, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to create your own distinct look. Bearman’s favorite frugal eyeliner picks are NYX, which is available at most grocery and drug stores.

As the name suggests, ColourPop has a wide range of colorful eyeliners with drugstore prices.

If you want a regular black eyeliner, Bearman recommends the regular eyeliner pen or the super fine eyeliner pen from Essence, both of which cost just $2.99. For a dramatic lip, Bearman likes Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks, which cost about $9 each. She also likes Milani Color Satement lip liners, which cost $5 each.

Compare prices

As with any other product, prices for makeup items can vary widely depending on where you shop. One store may charge $10 for the same mascara that is only $7 at another store.

Drugstores usually charge higher prices, so avoid them if you can. Stores like Target and supermarkets often have better prices. Even department stores like Macy’s often have good deals on makeup.

List what you want to buy and compare prices at drugstores, supermarkets, department stores, estheticians and more. You never know who is having a special sale.

When shopping online, try to maximize all available discounts and coupon codes. ColourPop, for example, offers a 10% discount if you sign up for their email list. Sephora has a free Beauty Insider program that you can join to earn rewards and free cosmetics.

Follow forums like Reddit’s MUAonthecheap, where users post special offers and both in-person and online coupon codes. Regularly reading forums can also help you find out what’s a good deal and what’s too expensive.

Find affordable eye crystals

The eye crystal look is in right now, but it can seem wasteful to spend $10 on gems you can no longer wear. To save money, Bearman suggests buying crystals from arts and crafts stores and applying them with eyelash glue. Be careful not to get the crystals too close to your eyes.

You can also buy crystal plates in bulk from Amazon, which cost about $2 per sheet. If you don’t need that many eye crystals right now, ask a friend to make a deal with you.

Stacking Coupons

When trying to save money on beauty products, it can be helpful to stack different offers, discounts, and coupons. For example, if you have a credit card that gives extra cash back at grocery stores and you found a good deal on eyeliner at a grocery store, make sure to use that credit card when buying the eyeliner.

If you have a Target Red card, you also get a 5% discount on most purchases, including makeup and skin care products.

Sign up for email newsletters from retailers to be notified when there is a sale. Most sales take place around major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Take care of your makeup

One of the easiest ways to save money on beauty is to make sure your products and tools last as long as possible. Always tighten the cap, especially for items like mascara and eyeliner that can dry out quickly. Do not store your makeup in extreme temperatures, such as your car on hot days.

Also try to avoid hoarding items. Keep your makeup in the same place so you can easily see what you have and what you need more of. This will prevent you from accidentally buying another clear lip gloss if you already have two.

Try before you buy

If you’re not sure how a particular trend will look on you, visit a store like Sephora where you can try makeup on before you buy. For example, if you like how teal eyeliner looks on a model, use it on yourself before making the purchase. This may save you from buying items that you will never use.

Ask for samples whenever possible, especially for foundation or concealer. This will help you avoid skin sensitivity problems. Don’t be afraid to return something if it annoys you. Most stores have a 30-day return policy for makeup and skincare, so keep the receipt just in case.

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